GREEN DRAKKOMAN - The Warrior fighting by the side of every child, young adult and family facing affected pediatric cancers.

    The Green Drakkoman is a fierce warrior who cannot be defeated. He has chosen to take up the cause of Pediatric Cancers.

    He is fighting for research, awareness and support of those in need - especially the children and families who are facing cancers that are extremely rare and therefore do not receive a great deal of attention.

    The Green Drakkoman came into the universe soon after the birth of Benjamin Stowell and his twin brother James. Benjamin would spin tales of the Drakkoman exploits and adventures and the Green Drakkoman soon became the invincible warrior for good. Benjamin chronicled many of these tales in storyboard drawings and in words as he has learned to read and write.

     When Ben was first diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, in Septemebr 2006, his doctor was trying to explain to him what he was facing. She described the doctors, nurses and his parents working together as a team to remove the cancer from his arm. As she described the fight Ben interupted, "You mean like the way the Green Drakkoman assembles a team to go into battle to defeat the Evil Alien." She asked who the Green Drakkoman was and he stated that he was a terrific warrior who was never defeated because he never gave up. He assembled the team he needed and always won. She replied, "We can work with that." and the Green Drakkoman joined the fight against pediatric cancers.

    When we asked Ben about setting up the Green Drakkoman Foundation to help other people he told us he thought it was a wonderful idea. He had been thinking about it and looked forward to building a business to support it.

    On October 12th, 2009 Ben's journey on earth ended peacefully in the loving arms of his parents surrounded by people who loved him. He was given a heroes farewell and the Green Drakkoman continues his mission to defeat the Evil Alien that attacked his friend.

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